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Grow Green is born in 2022 out of the merge between Grow Energy, a energy efficiency service from Grow Consulting (2010), and Ecolgroup (2007) a company dedicated to sustainable building solutions.

Our Expertise

Our expertise reach domains like energy efficiency, sustainable building solutions such as waterproofing and insulation, as well as 100% Off-Grid solutions.


Our Philosophy

We believe that the sustainability of our planet goes way beyond renewable energy and reducing CO2 emissions or carbon footprint. It's absolutely imperative that we change the way we build and the products we use. We believe that every home should be 100% self sustainable

Our Commitment

We are committed to every project we get involved from the starting point at the project fase to our in loco technical assistance during execution or installation as well as our guarantees with periodic maintenance.

Our Experience

We gather over 15 years of experience with certified personnel in several areas with numerous projects and over 2000 satisfied clients.


Corporate Structure

Grow Green ia a part of a corporate group os companies

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