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The world's solution for 100% OFF-GRID household Water and Sewage

Ecolaqua is a patent pending system that allows any space to be self sustainable in water and sewage usage. A truly ecological system that makes no use of chemicals, does not  use septic tanks which pollute the environment nor touch any undersoil water reserves. Ecolaqua allows a space to be disconnected from water and sewage grids. It produces, treats and manages water like no other system available. 

All-in-One Solution

  • 100% OFF GRID Water and Sewage.

  • Treatment of grey and black waters SEPARATELY

  • Production of water through CONDENSATION

  • Collection and Treatment of RAINWATER

  • RECYCLES water

  • Tremendous quality - Production of the highest ALKALINE drinking water 

  • Produces, stores and supplies BIOGAS

  • Produces energy to recharge batteries

Ecolaqua is an all-in-one solution that handles separated grey and dark waters treating them both separately and allowing it’s reusage. Additionally produces water from the environment as well as collects and treats rainwater. It is then connected to the house’s main water inlet and at the end of the tap you will find the highest quality of alkaline drinking water available for human consumption. 


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