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All natural Thermal-Insulation systems with a renewal 100% ecological product.


Cork is the bark of the cork oak, the formation of this layer takes 9 years to mature for extraction, it should be noted that in this process no tree is cut, since the only thing that is removed is the skin of the tree as such. The product is respectful with the environment, it is obtained through a sophisticated manufacturing cycle linking several components, tending to care for natural resources.



Did you know?


  • The first harvest only occurs when the tree is 25 years old.

  • Due to the molecular composition of cork, it is a product that serves as an absorbing agent for CO2 or carbon dioxide.

  • It prevents soil erosion as it accumulates moisture inside.

  • Cork oaks reduce the risk of fire.

Expanded Cork

Expanded agglomerated cork is a 100% natural product, a thermal and acoustic insulation and simultaneously anti-vibration, a material for sustainable construction!


Durability and Recycling

Practically unlimited durability, maintaining its technical characteristics.


High thermal inertia

Ability to increase thermal lag (or lag) and reduce temperature range.


indoor air quality

The material has an A + classification according to French regulations.


very low embodied energy

93% of energy consumption in the manufacture of the product is the biomass that results from the process itself.


carbon negative

The high sequestration of CO2 determines the carbon footprint of the material is negative.


Acousticork solutions have been designed to meet insulation requirements in sustainable construction. They provide excellent acoustic performance (acoustic impact and airborne sound), thermal comfort, waterproofing and anti-vibration solutions. The Acousticork product range includes underlays, underlayments, heated floors, masonry supports and partition walls.


Our solution provides thermal adaptation (reduction or expansion) of 8°C with a layer of approximately 3mm, resulting in energy savings of up to 40% of the energy used in air conditioning. It creates a thermal barrier, waterproofing it allowing it to breathe at the same time, and once the Cork does not absorb water, it keeps them away from annoying dampness and fungi that are harmful to health, providing comfortable and welcoming homes.



In search of the best environment without noise pollution for our clients, the application of this coating and its qualities reduces up to 12 decibels with each layer of up to 4 mm.


These values ​​may vary depending on the thickness of the coating once we can apply the high or low density projected Cork, thus obtaining superior results.



Due to the physical characteristics of the product and the raw material, Cork, it becomes quite fireproof, obtaining the International M1 qualification. Due to its adhesion power, our solution is perfect for coastal areas in which saltpeter and humidity saturation is so high and common, it totally cleanses and rehabilitates the surface to be applied Naturally cleanses surfaces since it absorbs moisture filters and evaporates it, avoiding condensation and eliminating the saltpeter so common in beach areas and islands.



Applying our projected Cork coating to walls and facades, it repairs cracked surfaces preventing them from cracking again due to the elastic properties and not keeping memory of a material as noble as Cork.

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