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EcolEnergy is an All-in-One solution that enables any residential or comercial unit to be partially or 100% Off-Grid taking advantage of renewable resources such as wind or sun to power your house, and without depending on utility companies increasing energy prices.

All-in-One Solution

EcolEnergy is a Photovoltaic solar kit ready to assemble and use for housing, can be fully adjusted to meet your energy needs and requirements


It's composed by:

  • Mono-crystalline Panels of 450w each;

  • Hybrid Inverter with MPPT battery charger, Allows to connect together with utility company or Off-Grid can be completely independent.

  • Set of Slow Discharge Deep Cycle solar batteries

  • Connection cables with plugs.

With EcolEnergy, you can increase energy production by adding more panels or more batteries for greater autonomy.

All equipment is completely new, has warranty and nationwide service.

With this kit your home can be energetically independent. Mono-crystalline panels even on cloudy days have a higher performance compared to polycrystalline panels. During the night, the inverter automatically uses the energy stored in the batteries to power your home. It has the possibility to increase production capacity and storage capacity by adding more batteries or more photovoltaic panels.
This system is an Off-grid system using slow-discharge batteries. The batteries that make up this kit are deep cycle slow-discharge batteries which have 10x greater autonomy.
These batteries are suitable for solar systems, they are batteries that allow a complete discharge without damaging their capacity.

Solar Panels

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