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Grow Build

We developed a sustainable construction system that allows us to build from custom homes, to student residencies, mobile housing spots or humanitarian shelters.

We build sustainably from a recycled structure to a 100% OFF-grid operation.

Our houses produce their own energy and water without being connected to the utility networks for water or sewage and without touching above or underground water sources, moreover without the need of digging wells or even septic tanks...

We preference low impact products throughout the entire development process.

How does your dream home look like?

...what if you could make your dream come true in an ecologically and financially sustainable way...






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Bring your dream on a napkin and we will open the door of your house in 3 months...*


* tiempo estimado de construcción, después de alistamiento de suelo y licencia provisional.

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Your dream... your size in a sustainable way...

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Student Residencies
Worker Homes
Refugie Camps

Residencial Neighbourhoods
Custom homes

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