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Grow Energy

We have created the best option in terms of Energy Efficiency, providing our customers with real advisory support in this area, differentiating ourselves in the market by not limiting ourselves only to technical issues, but an integrated solution that covers the entire energy chain, from supply to financing, including the most appropriate technology for promoting Energy Efficiency.


We do not have standardised solutions, for us each client is unique!

The starting point of each project is always an exhaustive knowledge of the reality, strategy and ambitions of each Client.

At this stage, we carry out a preliminary study that is based on the initial meeting and the analysis of the documents necessary to collect the information that allows us to analyse the current energy profile with full accuracy (eg energy bill).


After knowing the customer's reality, our technical team, specialised in each area of Energy Efficiency, will carry out an in loco survey.

This way, we will acknowledge all the elements that will allow us to identify the customer's current consumption profile.

Energy Study

Based on the technical survey carried out and the current consumption profile, we present the most energy efficient and suitable solution for the customer.

As an outcome of the study, the energy profile of future consumption will be presented (relative to the proposed solution), the total investment, savings and the payback period of the project.

Financial Study

We have created a solution that allows you to apply for project financing via Renting. You can pay for your project at no additional cost, this investment being paid for by your own savings, without the need for additional expenses.Through Renting, you will benefit from greater cash liquidity, maintenance of lines of credit with the bank and greater ease of planning through regular payments.


As soon as the adjucation of the project is formalised, we will immediately proceed booking the installation and we will expedite all the necessary steps for the approval of the financing.At this stage, the client is to be congratulated! Soon the Energy Efficiency measures awarded will begin to translate into savings on the monthly energy bill.


Turnkey Solution!At this stage, our technical team, specialised in each area of Energy Efficiency, assembles, installs and tests the adjudicated solution.All the equipment, material needed and labor to carry out the installation are included in the overall value of the project.

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